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Looking for any FARRIS, MORRIS, MCALPIN/MCALPINE family relationships with the EDMONDSON family. There are alot of DNA match-ups from our line on these two additional families.

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Im sure u have this Alzira Farris b-6/11/1826 d-05/12/1888 married-02/06/1845 to Richard Coleman Edmondson b-04/04/1822 d 05/03/1908. They are both buried at Rutledge Salem Cemetery. Richard Coleman is the son of Robert Spilsby and Nancy Singleton
Hi Terry, I'm not so sure that this is the Edmondson line I need to pursue with Alzira Farris and Richard Coleman Edmondson, I am still trying to determine the DNA Edmondson line. I now have found that my two brothers have different DNA! so that is a big question of the day, Bobby matches my mothers side and Neil matches both my dad and mothers sides, so I have submitted Neils DNA to FTDNA and waiting for results, which should be coming in shortly...Talk about skeletons in the closet, we have just uncovered a mixed batch. Will let you know when I do. Beth

Although this response is very late, I hope you're still out there. I am an Edmondson and have Farris lineage on both my maternal and paternal lines. My brother has done the YDNA test on Ancestry and I have done the autosomal BETA test. I'm now waiting for the mtDNA from familytreeDNA. You can see most of my information on on "My Edmondson Family Tree" owner name elaine5041.

Elaine Edmondson Bowling

Hello, I will be glad to research your line on ancestry.  I share with Kenneth Edmondson so if you see his name it will be my response.  My two brothers have submitted their dna, Kit #44201 is Robert Marion Edmondson and Kit #190373 is Neil Ray Edmondson.

Haplogroup I2b1--if you are in the Haplogroup R then you would be related to this Kenneth Edmondson, mostly from Norwegian descent.  If you are in  the Haplogroup I then you would be related to me, mostly scottish/irish descent.  We match with John and Thomas Boon/Boone from Charleston South Carolina area since 1670 when they came from Barbados via England.  There are three generations of George Fraser Boone from MS to TX and then Thomas Fraser Boone.  Let me know what you know and I will look at ancestry.  Please also let me know the Kit #'s for your DNA line.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Beth Ann Edmondson-Cosselmon,Westland, Michigan.


Hi Beth, Kenneth and I basically show the same Edmondson lineage on our family trees. I talk with him several times a week. Unfortunately we have found out that we're in different YDNA Haplogroups. My brothers YDNA test came back with Haplogroup "Q" so that probably means we're not related through the Edmondson direct paternal lineage. I'm still a little confused on DNA so I'm not going to change anything on my family tree based on my existing DNA results. I will pursue this further when I get my pending results back from FamilyTree DNA.  I don't think gives you a kit number and if they do I can't find them. My pending FamilyTree DNA kit # is 248786 and I also have another kit # 242856 but I can't find my notes on that kit #. In my pending file I have a pedigree from Sorenson Milecular Genealogy Foundation that shows Robert Marion Edmondson b. 26 Jan 1872 (married Ruby Mae Williams) is a predicted 3rd generation ancestor but I don't have him on my tree.  I'll get back to you after I investigate a little more. Elaine, Van Nuys, California

Good morning.  Just seeing your replay to the other thread.  Your brother and my father are both Q's.  Also, in Ancestry DNA.  You and I are both DNA matches.  Not sure of where we meet, but to the very best I have researched, we go back to Thomas the Immigrant.  

Hello, nice to meet you.  Robert Marion Edmondson and Ruby Mae Williams are my grand parents.  My father was born 9th of 9 children in Banks, Oregon.

Our Edmondson line is DNA I-M223, haplogroup I2a2a which is an upgrade from ftDNA.

I ran a "match" on that program and have 4,232 from 2nd cousins to way beyond 6th cousins.  Alot of fun learning.

Hope to hear from you, Ancestry is where my brother has our family tree, Morgan-Edmondson  Family Tree or a second one called Edmondson Family Tree.

Good morning.  6 years after your post.  I would love to know the results of your brothers Y-DNA test.  My father took his and it shows we share 8 Edmondson's.  He is haplogroup Q-M242 and we just got the results back for an upgrade and it fined tuned it to Q-Y4838 and we still match the same Edmondon's.  Regards.



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