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I was looking today at some Slovak Roman Catholic Church records, and wondered if the "location" listed for the family refers to a town or a street; anyone know?


For example, a baptismal record in 1853 from the town of Krakovany, near Piestany in Slovakia reads for the location of the family having their child baptized:

Osztro [best I can tell] No. 61

At first I thought it was the name of a street (and it may be), but then I noticed there was another small town near Krakovany with a similar name on my more recent map, Ostrov; hence my confusion as to whether it referred to a town or a street.  My purpose for wanting to know is, of course, to properly place the family, as the child was most likely born at home.


Anyone know for sure?  Thanks!


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Translation in Slovak, English and Hungarian for Slovak Church Records:


This will help you see if the location does in fact include a house number.


This should also be of help.


Thank you, Marianne--great resources! 

The problem I am having is with the Latin phrase, "Locus Domicili"--if it refers to "location" as a street, or "location" as a town--I am leaning toward the latter, but I will definitely utilize your suggested resources and see what I can find.



That is a house number. 


There were slight variations in spelling of names of localities, so likely that is the village name.


Street names were much later in coming, In the 1850s in that area perhaps only Brno, Bratslava, and Vienna had named streets (and probably had only names for the town square[s]).


Bratranec Pavel


"Domicili" means "house" in Latin.  It's where our word "domicile" comes from.

Cousin Pavel (Ahoj!) and Marianne:

Thanks so much for the input you both provided; based upon what you both have said, and the previous websites provided by Marianne, it would seem that, indeed, my family lived in Ostrov (at the house number provided), and attended Mass in nearby Krakovany (or, at least had their children Baptized there--perhaps as their "Ancestral" Church).   I really appreciate the assistance in helping me clear that up! 

Take care,


Osztro is the name of the village where your relative lived.  This was the Hungarian spelling of the village, because it was part of Hungary in the 1850s.  The current Slovak spelling of the village is Ostrov.  The number was their address (I have relatives who lived in house #45 and #8 in Osztro).   Your relatives were certainly part of the Krakovany parish, but I don't know the area well enough to know whether there was a church in Ostrov that was part of the Krakovany parish.

Thank you, Brad!  That is a great explanation and makes perfect sense!



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