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Would a Victoria BC marriage record for a second marriage have the bride's father's name on it? I see it has her first husband's surname and is crossed with her maiden name. Actually I would like to get her father's name as well as the given name of her first husband.
So far I have not been able to find her first marriage record, she was born Emma Amilia Schultz abt 1882 in Canada supposidly of a German father and French mother. I don't know where in Canada and I don't know if her first marriage was in Canada or in Washington state. Her first husband's surname was Currie (Curry) her second husband was Curtis Stillwagon. I have the index listing for the Stillwagon marriage and wondered if I should send for the certificate, and what information might be on it. 
I did find an Emma Amilia Schultz born  in Sullivan Grey Ontario, but when I got to her marriage it could not be my Emma. so back to the drawing board.

any help would be appriciated.

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Hi Jo;
Don't spend your money needlessly $50 CDN for a cert in BC!
If some kind soul happens to be in Victoria, they could go to the Archives. If they are not a member, they could become one (free) and necessary to access the archives. The reference number for the films makes it easy to find, however, some films have the images out of order. Once the film is in the machine and the image found, one presses copy and out it comes. When you leave the archives, you pay for the copies at the front counter $0.40 CDN + tax yes 40 cents, a far cry from 50 bucks! It would be the same copy, just not certified by the archivist.
Unfortunately, I only get to Victoria on weekends and the Archives are closed.

I hope some one can help you.
Al Parsons
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
thank you for the advice I do have a cousin who gets there occasionally, maybe I can ask her to get it for me.
Hi Jo;
I also did a quick search on Automated Genealogy for the Canadian 1901 Census. I put SCHULTZ in the National Surname box, I did not choose a Province. Then hit enter. Then I choose a few surnames that looked similar (keep in mind that the surnames with check boxes are as they were transcribed by volunteers and not necessarily correctly), then I put emma in the givens box, female for gender and 1882 for birth date then +/- 5 years. I got 4 Emma SCHULTZ's all in Ontario. I then used the back button on the browser and went back to the page were I entered the given name and changed it to Amelia, so the rest of the criteria remained the same and only got one, also in Ontario. When you click on the census page number in the results list, a page with a web version of the census page opens. This is how it was transcribed, you chosen person will be highlighted in yellow, make a note of the census line number, itll make it easier to find. At the top of the page, there is a link for 'split screen', click that and the actual census page will open in the top frame, you can then choose to make it larger (if you want to read it LOL) and you can also choose to save it to your PC or print it. I'll leave it to you to decide which one is your Ms. SCHULTZ.

I hope this helps.
Al Parsons
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Thank you for your response, I think this is the same Emma Amelia that i found, I traced her family back through the census, in Sullivan Grey Ontario (parents Rudolf and Pauline) and it looked realy good, I found her birth record and then I finally found a marriage record for her that did not fit the dates were very unlikely and made all the rest of the research invalid, but I kept all the information, just in case for some reason she is in fact my Emma. I used the automated genealogy as well as and all the information was the same, there was even a book in Sullivan Grey where her family was listed. I did so want her to be my Emma, but that pesky marriage record put a wrench in things.
My grandmother was born ion Washington inFebruary of 1907 to Emma and her husband with the surname of Currie (Curry) Unfortunately there was a marriage for the Ontario Emma to someone else in 1906, and it just didn't fit, but you never know maybe that guy died and then she married Currie, who knows, so I did keep the research in a special little envelope. I will go back in there and see what other emmas you found. Thanks again.
An update on my Emma Amelia Schultz, according to her marriage record to Stillwagon, she was born in British Columbia and her parents were William and Minnie Schultz, I don't have a maiden name for Minnie, but i don't have the actual document yet, just a more detailed extract. Emma was also listed as "widowed", but I am not sure if this was true or not, as there were others in Canada who claimed to be widowed but in fact they were not, they just didn't ever get a divorce from the first husband. So a little further along, but not a lot.
Update for Emma Schultz, She was born in 1881, but I have conflicting information about where she was born, one source (her marriage record to her second husband) says she was born in BC, but her daughter says she was born in Red Deer Alberta. She also says that her exact BD is 23 April 1881 does any one know if birth records for that year are available in either or both of these places?

The April 1881 birth date does not compute with the information that emma was 97 when she died in 1981, which would maker her birth year 1884, which would be more in keeping with the census records... AAARRRGG this woman is going to drive me crazy!!



Do you need a copy of C.Stillwagon and EmmaÉ

I have their marriage record,if that is what you are asking, I have more information about Emma, I have not had a chance to post as yet.


Most of the BMD documents are available online now....if you still need information for your

British Columbia connections, and haven't found this site yet,  try:

:) Shannon



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