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My name is Laurel Brown and I live in Indian Trail, NC just outside of Charlotte. I started doing genealogy over 40 years ago, but have had many starts and stops along the way. Over the last few years my goal has been to review my tree, clean up my citations, and streamline my process so that I move forward in a much more efficient way. In my pre-parenting life I was a Research Librarian at a major law firm having completed my Masters in Library and Information Studies in 2000. I currently serve as Lineage Research Chair for my Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) chapter and work closely with our Registrar to assist potential members with their applications. I personally have several patriots I am working on supplemental applications for. Researching the 17th and 18th century records always provides an interesting challenge, especially in the southern states. Family lines of interest are Page, Tucker, Turner, Phillips and Osborne in the NC and VA areas mainly. I also have Brannan, Thompson, and Sunday on the Panhandle of Florida. 

I am currently working on the American Records certificate. I am also working on completing the Genealogy Education Programs through the DAR. 

I look forward to getting to know everyone better. 

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Welcome, Laurel!  I took a couple of classes here at NIGS.  I am currently taking classes with NGS plus I attended IGHR this year.  I have ancestors in the panhandle of Florida that I have not researched in depth.  They were Hobbs and Colemans and were originally from Georgia and Arkansas.  Research in the south has proved challenging for me; I'm used to Midwest research.

Thank you for the welcome Sara. The NGS classes are on my list too. My plan is to attend IGHR (especially since it is so close to me) and GRIP in the future. I have to confess to being a lifelong learner.

I don't recognize your Florida names but I know some of my folks came through Georgia so there could be some cross over there. Researching the south isn't too bad once you get used to it. Although all those burned counties can really lead to some frustration. That is when you have to get really creative in your sources. 

HI Laurel, I too am taking the Courses for the American Certificate and a DAR member. I think I will take the DAR genealogy classes and help with some projects when i am all done. I think it would put my skills to work.  Good Luck

Welcome Laurel. It sounds like you have had a really interesting career. I've been a bit of a rover careerwise. Most best loved paths are Asian bodywork sport therapy practitioner (certification from Nippon Shiatsu Diagaku in VT), managing riding stables and schooling horses in dressage and now genealogy, I've finished the American Records and am about done with Professional Development. I'm thinking about having a small business to supplement my part-time income as a computer technician. I'm still mulling over my niche. My  genealogy families are mostly from MI via OH and ON, then from the UK with some W Europe. My famliy lines are Fales, Fuller, Fox and Heltzel.

Gaynol, Michigan



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