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To all German Genealogists, amateur or professional !

TIME IS SHORT, so, How would it be to get help from a proven research couple & their international team?

830) Genealogy research pro' since 1979!

Karl Michael Sala   (view profile)

<sigh>  Bless some people’s hearts who have taken on so much, that they truly cannot fulfill it all.  Have empathy for those who kindly offer their help—pro bono or paid--but get blacklisted or involuntarily unsubscribed.  Doing Good has historically been oft-censored. 


Those whom Karl & Lynell Sala have helped are not complaining.  As a Near-Death Experience (NDE) survivor, Karl’s life has been miraculously preserved so that he might fulfill his Mission & Vision:  To find THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for THOUSANDS of clients.  He has completed the first two of the above-mentioned “THOUSANDS.”  He is now working on the 3rd{;>)  That means you-n-yours & those you know!


“Father, forgive them [in this case, the Judgmentals], for they know not what they do.”


So, for you, when the free research help is exhausted (& so are you) & are finally serious enough about research to pay for it, email your research dilemma, problem or inquiry to a proven pro' research couple: Karl & Lynell Sala!  karlmsala at msn .com. (low-cost: $25 - $1,000 bank account, PayPal; or even personal check or MO) (mo’ cost{;>) $100 - $10,000)

1-888-456-7252 = 602-503-0775 (both 24-hr mobile #s; lv msg)


COMMENDATIONS, ENDORSEMENTS & KUDOS?  View 45+ Endearing Endorsements from clients, coaches & colleagues on Linkedin .com!  And, that’s just since 2008--& that’s just from those who happen to also be on!  Scores of other commendations were received from those who were never online!


Or, view numerous international brick walls broken at (Yes, they do more than German) !  They outdid themselves over the Memorial Day Weekend 2010 & set a new Personal Best:  They cracked 4 cases in 4 days in the records of 4 countries:  Germany, Lithuania, Poland & the USA!  “Cracked” is defined as finding a crucial datum, document, or image for the target ancestor.


HOW WOULD IT BE?  to get pro’ ancestry, genealogy & family history research help from Karl & Lynell Sala!?  These were THE very 1st two researchers selected for the short-lived, but highly successful Paid Expert Ancestry Research Line!  Why?  They had an 80+% success ratio in having found what subscribers could not find online or offline for the last three decades!  Some subscribers’ 3-decade old problems were resolved well within 1 hour!


After that, Karl was THE primary German research consultant for[utschland] International Team!  When the British & other international specialists could not find something, they came to Karl for his USUAL resolution.


Make Lynell & Karl your barter, trade or $ offer, from $100 to $10,000!  You will get more than you pay for.  They usually prevent their clients from digging at the wrong roots & barking up the wrong trees{;>).  Since 1979, Lynell & Karl have found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients--& that’s not counting patrons & themselves!

Since 1979, Karl & Lynell Sala a/k/a, have a very high success ratio for
USA, immigration & Euro-Germany.  This includes the former Prussia (Preussen), which now encompasses numerous European countries!

Aren't you weary of just posting & surfing for your genealogy?

A recent stunning sample client research report is attached below! In addition to that, we've found THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients!
SOLVING ancestral family genealogy research cases is what we are all about! We would have hoped that GenealogyWise and their board administrators would be the same! We ask all to CEASE & DESIST MULLING ABOUT WASTING TIME! It pays to hire us, for we SAVE OUR CLIENTS EFFORTS, FRUSTRATION, TIME & MONEY!

That now off my chest, for Steve Baldock we have found several ancestral origin possibilities in Oldenburg & environs. When all the generous, but potentially distracting & time- & money-wasting, "free" help is exhausted, please hire us to focus & research your case more fully.

We ask all to email us directly: AND mail us any & all pertinent data, documents & images along with a personal check or money order. For a limited time, we offer a GRACIOUS & GENEROUS 50% discount on your initial retainer. So, the larger your retainer, the more double-research you will get for your dollar!

Guarantee? Our best efforts, for we desire your repeat business, your endorsements & referrals!

Karl-Michael Sala, International Ancestral Genealogist since 1979!
GILBERT, AZ 85233-6810 USA
602-503-0775 = 1-888-456-7252

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