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Lynell & I now have 63+ kind kudos on that's just since 2008--& that's just from folks who happen to be on Linkedin! Many more from other onliners & off-liners!


We are busy "drinking from the well" of original records. In just the first half of 2011, we have already set a new milestone in that we've now found more ancestors in more locations of Baden, Bayern & Württemberg in both Catholic AND Evangelical Lutheran parish registers--in less time--for even just ONE client--THAN EVER! 


Since January 2011: 1,000+ images digitally preserved-- & that's just for just ONE client; many uploaded to both to the clients' trees!  But most to, where the myriad of client reports, separated by family groups, replete with edited, cropped & enlarged images, are retrievable by anyone with whom we share the link!


AND: On 30 June 2011, we cracked two cases in Poland, i.e. Tscheschen-Glashütte, Schlesien, Preussen.  The client cried twice--once when I ordered the microfilms; once when we found the male & female target ancestors: JANITZKI, et var & KRAUSE ! 


So much to do; so little time...

Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala, since 1979! Thousands found!


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