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Does anyone know of sites that do not require registration to view family tree. I would like to share links on my blog to the visitors. I want to allow one click access to a family tree that shows a easy to understand layout of how everyone is related. Is this possible, or do I need to go the RootsWeb route ? I do not want to run a website of my own. Thanks in advance. Hope this is the right group for this question :)

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WebTree advertises "Embed your tree on any website or blog" right on their home page. offers embeddable surname maps.
Tamura, Thanks for your website ideas. Your mentions of the sites must of been just that, mentions, and not endorsements. I signed up to give WebTree a try. I want to make it clear that any frustrations I write about are with WebTree and not with Tamura's suggestions ;-)

WebTree does sound exactly like a family-tree tool with the options I am looking for. However, There is no ability to change my account information after I signed up. My e-mail address is public by default and I'm unable to change it. My complete name is also public and I'm unable to change it too. You can see my public profile here: . This brings up obvious privacy issues especially if is searchable at Internet search engines.

I have messaged requesting to change my Name and e-mail address. I will share their response when and if I receive one.

One other thing I just noticed; doesn't have a terms-of-service nor privacy-policy stated.
I received this e-mail response from . It sounds like FamilyLink is going to continue improvements to even though their shutting down . Well, that is the way I decipher the e-mail :

Dear Brian,

Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for any delay in responding to your email. At this time based on our customer feedback, we are currently working to create a more enhanced online family tree that will help give our members a better customer experience. will still be made available to its current users however; will not be providing any customer support at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and will keep all of our users up to date as to when the new family tree becomes available.

Again we apologize and thank you for being a part of our family.

Thank you, Customer Support
You are right, there are no privacy options, and there is no privacy policy.
It's a pity it ain't the right solution, but I'd say you got a blogging topic out of it ;-)

I know that embedding trees has come up on their bulletin boards, but they are not offering it yet.

You could put your data on say and link to it, just as people link to RootsWeb.

Don't think you want this (you said you do not want to run a site), but there is an experimental WordPress PhpGedView (WPPGV) plug-in:
I know this was posted months ago, so it may be too late to matter, but ...

I'm the webmaster of At WikiTree, family trees are public once there are no connections to living people. For example if you're living but your parents have passed away, your parents are still not public. But beyond this it's open.

Sample WikiTree family tree

John Adams family tree



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