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Everyone needs a laugh once in a while. So here are my list of excuses as why I can't find my ancestors.


1. My ancestors were the original Cabbage Patch Kids.


2. They came from outer space.


3. They took the slow boat and haven't gotten here yet.


4. The captain of the ship was a man and wouldn't ask for directions.


5. I haven't found the rock they crawled out from under.


6. They were in a witness protection program.


7. All my ancestors had daughters and all my lines "daughtered out"


Feel free to add to these.



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Most Collins in Ireland are in Limerick & Tipperary so I would assume that your grandfather came from Tooreen, Co.Tipperary or tooreen in limerick near croom.

My Mother was Collins from the Tipperary/Limerick border.  She had a granduncle called John Collins went to the states in the 1800s?

Mine came from a parallel universe and are just "over there".
Love your list of why you can't find your ancestors. I my search this Spring, I felt much the same reasons. Many times I got up, walked out to clear my head and mind. Then I wade back into the piles of papers and again start sorting the facts and misses again. Did manage to create 2 different Trees. Now I'm chasing long, lost couple of names from foreign countries. That will keep me amused for some time. Sorry, I rambled on! Anyway, love your list. Shiirley
they were raised by wolves.
For my Boyd side....children of Peter and Parilee from Waycross, GA, ( there were about fourteen children, now deceased) I believe every time one of their children, grandchildren,cousin see me searching they laugh.  I believe it's a Boyd family joke, "let's keep her looking."  What they don't know is I am resilient....must get that from my mother's side.
I found an Avery Crater on the moon and an Avery asteroid - so maybe they really did come from outer space.
Only to a genealogist, a step backward is considered progress.
lol.  But it's true, but it's true.

Hilarious .  Hate to say this but quite a few of Murphy's law applies to me.  Just insert Jones for Smith. 

Hahahaha! I love your list! Number 2 reminded me of what my aunt always says about one particular ancestor - that he was dropped off by aliens, and then picked up again 40 years later!



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