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I've been researching my family history for more than 30 years. My Canadian research has been limited to Ontario, primarily the Hamilton-Wentworth area. By no means am I an expert but I'm pretty familiar with what type of records are available to anyone researchig in this area.

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I am working on names in New Brunswick,Canada
Maybe you could list the surnames & cities you're researching in NB in case anyone else in the group is also researching those names
Almon, Babcock, Baxter, Berry, Birkicht, Bliss, Blizzard, Clark, Clarke, Colpitts, Drillen, English, Ferris, Filmore, Fox, Godsoe, Green, Howe, Mercer, Nowlan, Oulton, Redstone, Rupert, Stackhouse, Tabor, Tingley, and many more!
Is anyone in this group located in NEWFOUNDLAND and familiar with researching on-site at the NL archives? I've hit a brick wall and could use some ideas about where to look for a marriage record from the 1870s.


I am researching in New Brunswick for the Sinnett and Johnson families from Fredericton, Saint John and Gagetown areas. I've just started so the going is slow - but it certainly is a fun process.
I am searching out Gagnon in Quebec
I have been researching my husband's and my Canadian ancestors in Quebec... for more than 40 years.
Have found Tanguay's, Jette's Dictionaire , PRDH and the Drouin Collections most helpful. The information found in the first volumes I listed give clues as to parishes to research in the Drouins for original church records.
where do I find these places on the internet?
Tanguay is on the internet... google Tanguay
PRDH is a very reasonable for pay search engine. No time limit on searches... you select the number of hits you want and pay accordingly. Again Google PRDH ( it's a program researching the demographics of Quebec..with some non Quebec areas.)



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