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I've been researching my family history for more than 30 years. My Canadian research has been limited to Ontario, primarily the Hamilton-Wentworth area. By no means am I an expert but I'm pretty familiar with what type of records are available to anyone researchig in this area.

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Ontario, Prince Edward Cty, Lennan & Addington, I work in a Family History Center, and we have the Vitals for Ont, and the British Vitals.
I am researching in Ontario and Quebec. The main line I am looking for is Fortin. My ggfather came to the US but I don't know his parents names. Oh Joy...I am just getting into the Canadian genealogy so any help in that area and where to write would be deeply appreciated. Lost and looking Debbie Lalonde Smith
hi iam reserching in simcoe co mostly but that can change
I am just getting started with my French Canadian roots. Veilleux family in St. Francois, Beauce, Quebec, Canada. My branch moved to Bangor, Penobscot, Maine, USA before 1865. GG-Grandfather Joseph Veilleux (1865-1941) was born 28 July 1865 in Bangor, Maine. He married Josephine Marie Tiebault (Thebeau) in 1889 in Bangor, Maine. My Great-Grandmother, Marie Emily Veilleux Hermanson (1890-1988) was born in Bangor as well. The family is in Minneapolis, Minnesota by 1900.

Also the family of Laura Bridget Poulin (1844-1922) who I believe may have also been born in St. Francois, Beauce, Quebec
I am researching Elgin Co., Ontario mostly with the help of Bruce Johnson of Elgin Co. Johnson/Johston and Lucas lines -
I am looking in Ontario and Quebec. The Lemay family, Gregoire and Adelaine are my grandparents. And the Cain/Kane family. Peter Cain/Kane was listed in the 1901 census as Kane, then in the 1911 census as Cain. He is my great grandfather from the area of Quyon, Quebec.
I've been researching my family for 60 years, but the Canadian branches for only about 30. My research is mostly in Ontario, although I've done a little in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I have Aungers, Browns, Dafoes, Pringles, Holcombes, Youngs, Merriams, Stanburys, Wrights. My earliest came to Canada as UE from New York (Palatines). More recently, my gg grandfather, went to Canada from Cornwall, England in 1852. He had a large family. There were seven children of his first marriage. Then his wife died and he married again, and had 5 more children. The descendents of many of his first family came to the U.S. Many descendents of his second family remain in Canada to this day, mostly in Hastings, Peterborough, and Northumberland Counties, Ontario. I live in California.
I'm researching FLAVEN/FLAVAN/FLAVIN and FLAHAVEN/FLAHAVEN and O'FLAVIN / O'FLAHAVEN and other variations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. So far I have them in Memramcook, Dorchester,Kings co. NB in 1861 & 1871 censuses and births of children in parish records there. The censuses say born in Nova Scotia and that's where I'm trying to find them now, no luck as yet, perhaps that info on censuses was incorrect? There are a few Flavin's (various spellings) in N.S. I just haven't been able to connect mine to them as yet.
I'm also researching Cleversey in Nova Scotia, they came from England (I'm told) originally and some immigrated to the USA, including my ggrandfather Angus. Cleversey has also been spelled with lots of variations including Clevercey, Clevercy, Cleversay, Cleversy and others.
I forgot to say that in the 1881 census my Flavin family is in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada.
In 1861 & 1871 my Flaven family was in Memramcook,

Dorchester, Westmorland,NB. I really need to find out if they

were there in 1851 or if they were in Nova Scotia then. Any

help with census or church records, anything..... would be

very much appreciated. Here's what I have thus far:

1861 FLAVEN, James 45 & Sarah 40 both born NS;cath. Irish,

children Henry 10 b. NS; John 8 b. NS; Elizabeth 6 b. NB; Sarah

Jane 4 b. NB.

1871 FLAVAN, James 45 & Sarah 40 both born NS; cath. Irish;

children: Harry 20 b. NS; John 17 b. NS; Sarah J. 13 b. NB;

Isabelle (my ggma) 9 b. NB; Edward 5 b. NB; James W. 3 b. NB.

Memramcook parish book:

Edouard Flavin bapt. 14 Jan 1867 (age 14 mo's) son of James

Flavin & Sarah Dunlap.

Helene Flavin bapt. 3 Sept. 1871 dau. of James Flavin & Sarah


Isabelle Flavin bapt. 12 May 1865 (age 3 yrs) dau. of James

Flavin & Sarah Dunlap.

Sarah Jane Flavin bapt. 12 May 1865 (age 7 yrs) dau. of James

Flavin & Sarah Dunlap.

Joseph William Flavin bapt. 2 Aug. 1868 born 4 May 1868, son

of James Flavin & Sarah Dunlap.

1881 census Moncton, Westmorland,NB:

FLAVAN, James 54 & Sarah 50 both born NS cath. Irish;

children: Sarah J. 23 b. NB; Isabell 18 b. NB; Edward 14 b. NB;

James 12 b. NB; Mary 9 b. NB.

I have Isabell's death certificate from Martha's Vinyard, MA, USA as well as her marriage in NH to my ggrandfather. I'm looking to fill in the blanks in Canada.
Hi Lisa,
You might try searching the many records for New Brunswick found at this site: There are some great links to newspapers, birth, marriage and death records at the New Brunswick Archives, which links off of it. Also it shows which sites are free to search on and which you have to pay for. Good luck in your search!
Hello, I am researching the following surnames in the following provinces:
Ontario - Axcell, McKean, Fritz
Nova Scotia - Carter, Henry & Stewart
New Brunswick - Darling



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