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My problem is the name - James Smith.  We see there has been James Smith arrived in Canada, on the lists, and we do not know if this could be the father of our James C. Smith.  We also noted that James Smith was named as a Grandson of Samuel Smith who named Ward Smith as his executor.  We think perhaps Ward is the Father of James C. Smith and Ward's parents were Samuel Smith and Sara Ward.  A road was built through to the Grand River near Waterloo and the two men who built is were Ward and Smith.  Because the info we have indicates they arrived from Connecticut prior to 1801 (when James C. was born in Preston), we are wondering how we can determine if they fled as Loyalists.  We do not know how to check this out and we have been very unsucessful in trying to find info through the Waterloo Geneology Website nor can we find anyone to hire who would be able to help us.  Any help would be appreciated.

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