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How about this to help out the programmers. There are many more options using the Ning platform, and the WVR programmers will never know which we prefer unless we ask.

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And perhaps some way to search that database (on every word in the source/description field.

Ron Vincent said:
I'd like to see surname pages with documentation. For instance, I could enter my grandfather and upload a JPG of his death certificate, family bible entry, etc., anything acceptable as a primary or secondary source. You could require a source upload without verifying if the source is acceptable so long as it could be reported to administrators and removed is needed. Upon removal, the name entry would no longer be valid. Any name with any uploaded or "typed into a form" source would be acceptable. If we had a surname database of just entries with sources it would be a lot more accurate.
How about a search engine for a group? For example, I set up a group for a county in Alabama and it would be helpful for my members to be able to locate a surname or a placename in that group alone. I could see it being helpful in other groups, too.
I'd like to be able to add a link to more than one of my websites on My Page. Is there a way to do this that I am missing?
Seems to me that when I send a friend request, there is no change in the links that show up under a member's name. If I have received a friend request from someone but not yet accepted it, the Members page still shows "add as friend."

Agree that the content of a message should be sent in the email. much more efficient for those of us who are straddling both Facebook and GenealogyWise. I'm much more likely to maintain both sites if I can do it efficiently.
Seems I am guilty of that Paula, struggle my way around this place but just came across a friend request from you and another. Sorry I took so long Plus I'll be lucky to find my way back to the other one : (
Oh yeah and one more thing. More photos. 100 is just enough to be frustrating.
Sort the members by geographical location.
Definitely agree with this. Right now they are almost in the category of junk mail.

GeneJ said:

DearMYRTLE said:
I wish the full text of a posting would come out in those email notifications from GenealogyWise, as they do in Facebook. This gives you an idea if you must respond immediately, or it you just want to get through the rest of your email before opening up your web browser. -- The email notices we're getting now are of little or no value to me. (Yes, I've learned to have Outlook auto-place them in a specific folder so my mail inbox isn't so cluttered.)

In other words, GenealogyWise, this isn't about page hits, this is about social networking.

If you happen to get a lot of page hits, then so much the better.

Remember that another large genealogy website has been attempting for years to overcome the reputation about being too focused on the numbers.

If you build it -- they will come.

Build it right.

I think we need a HELP page. I can not figure out how to do a lot of things. It says you can add widgets to your group page but I can't. We need to be able to add permanent links to our group pages. Lots of things that we need to do and may even be available but we don't know how and there is no help.
One of the main thing this site lacks is organization. I second GeneJ. Genealogists must be organized and at a minimum they expect their site to be organized.
1. I would like to see the ability to upload gedcoms and have family trees displayed and ndexed for searching
2. I would like to be able to upload original source documents that I extracted intho files and have them displayed, by category/location and indexed for searching.
I would like to see the "Groups" sorted by name



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