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Has anyone here tracked down a postcard that an ancestor sent? I once tracked down a relative of someone who was mentioned on the reverse of a card I brought on ebay of Easton Royal, Wiltshire. Ok, so it was an unusual name FOLLETT and mentioned several names, so I could find the family in the census.

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Ebay was a source for me, as well, for two postcards. One was a standard scene from her home area, addressed to a relative at school in a nearby town. This one was a surprise, since I bid on the postcard only on the basis that it was one of the source towns for my family, and I was collecting old postcards to illustrate my narrative history. The second was an actual photo of a relative in a group. It was a circular photo on the front, where someone had written the names of all the people in the white space. I went onto Ebay and commented in the Postcard Sellers Group that people should list any names on the backs, since this could potentially be even more of a selling point than the image itself. Unfortunately, not too many sellers do this. From time to time, I do go on Ebay and query the sellers from towns where I know my relatives lived, but this can get tedious. It would be so much better to get a full description right on the listing, rather than just a notation that it had been "postally used."

I decided one time to just google a particular town, rather than just searching for it on Ebay. A stereoview of a relative's store turned up on an antiques-collectible website. That was a particular thrill. It was quite expensive, but how could I resist?



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