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Hi I'm a descendant of Philibena Dirr's brother in law Martin Shofner. Could you tell me how you're descended?

My line is:

Susie Helme (me)

Josephine Coleman Douglas

Josephine Hutton Douglas

Pierre Allen Colmean Hutton

Anna Belle Shofner

John Shofner + Isabella Catherine Beavers

Martin Shoffner + Catherine Cooke Roundtree

Michael Christian Shoffner + Margaretha Fogleman


Susie Helme


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Hi, Susie...I'm from Michael, Martin and Margaret Shoffner. Margaret married Phillip Burrow. Then Hiram, Sarah Anne Burrow. Sarah Anne married Henry Newton Carter. My great grandmother was their daughter, Rosalie Tennessee Carter + James Williamson Younger. Then Williamson Henry Younger + Stella Brown McKisick. My mom was Lillamae Younger + Grady Ellis.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Brownie Ellis MacKie :-)
Hi Brownie,
Thanks for this information.
I'm 'collecting' all descendants of Michael Christian Shoffner, and I think I'd like to publish a book (it would be huge!) Do you think there would be any money in it?
I've been doing genealogy on an amateur basis for 20 years, Susie, and I don't believe there's any money at all in doing a family history book. I edited and helped the late Grace High Lawrence with her "High" book. I was married to a "High". The book cost over $60.00 a book just to publish in hard back. She ended up giving a lot of the books away. And Libraries expect you to donate to them. You have a limited audience. Someone who is not related would not want to buy your book.

I also put together a family book...some 375 pages...a few years ago, and nobody was interested in it. I didn't try to sell it, but I couldn't even give it away. It was an okay family history, however, complete with pictures and vignettes, and I still have two of them. However I spent a lot of money and didn't get one cent back. But then I come from a very odd ball family. :-) Anyway, if I were you, I wouldn't look for returns on your money.

:-) Brownie
Have a look at James Tanner's blog

Great article...that's what I'll do with my revised or next edition. However, the question was "was there any money in it"....and my answer was NO...and it still is. You won't make any money off an e-book either.



I know this is a reply to an old post, but I'd be interested in hearing more of your Michael Christian Shoffner line

Hi Bryan,

I am writing a genealogy of Johann Michael Schaffert (Shoffner, Christian was a mistake), so I have too much information to impart (46,000 + words and a Tree of 1000s). Best if you ask me specific questions. Pls let me know your lineage.


Probably not.  I helped a Cousin with a family book, and it cost more to do than we could charge for it.  Also, usually family members come out of the woodwork wanting free copies. 



Can you tell me how the Douglases fit into your tree? Where are they from/

Many thanks,


My mother was Josephine Coleman Douglas, d/o Beverly Douglas (s/o William Byrd Douglas descended from the Red Douglas and Adelaide Wharton Gaines descended from Davy Gam and the princes of Deheubarth) and Josephine Hutton (descent as yet untraced).


Thank you.  That ties up some loose ends.

The story of the princes of Deheubarth – once rulers of much of south west Wales – is a fascinating mix of ambition, rivalry, castle-building and cultural awakening. Formidable characters such as law maker Hywel Dda, and the powerful Lord Rhys ensured the dynasty’s supremacy in the region for over 300 years. For those with welsh ancestry, it is worth studying.

Sir Dafydd ap Llewelyn ap Hywel (c. 1380 – 25 October 1415), better known as Dafydd Gam or Davy Gam, was a Welsh nobleman. He died at the Battle of Agincourt fighting for King Henry V, King of England in that victory against the French.

You have some interesting ancestors!

Here's my Douglas ancestry (if it's true. I haven't collected evidence) How about you? Are we cousins?
George 'the Red Douglas', 1st Earl of Angus, Earl of Mar Douglas (1376 - 1402)
17th great-grandfather
William DOUGLAS, 2nd Earl of Angus (1399 - 1437)
son of George 'the Red Douglas', 1st Earl of Angus, Earl of Mar Douglas
Archibald Bell the Cat 5th Earl of Angus Douglas (1449 - 1513)
son of George the Red DOUGLAS, 4th Earl of Angus, Abernethy and Jedburgh Forest
George, Master of Angus Douglas (1469 - 1513)
son of Archibald Bell the Cat 5th Earl of Angus Douglas
George DOUGLAS of Pittendriech (1497 - 1552)
son of George, Master of Angus Douglas
George DOUGLAS of Parkhead (1578 - )
son of James of Pittendreich DOUGLAS 4th Earl of Morton, Regent of Scotland
James DOUGLAS of Parkside, 6th Lord Carlyle of Torthorwald ( - 1609)
son of James, of Parkhead and Torthorwald DOUGLAS
George DOUGLAS of Waterside (1659 - 1737)
son of James DOUGLAS of Parkside, 6th Lord Carlyle of Torthorwald
HUGH DOUGLAS of Garrallan (1648 - 1767)
son of George DOUGLAS of Waterside
HUGH DOUGLAS of Garrallan (1714 - 1776)
son of HUGH DOUGLAS of Garrallan
William DOUGLAS Col. (1732 - 1783)
son of HUGH DOUGLAS of Garrallan
Patrick Hume DOUGLAS Dr. (1771 - 1820)
son of William DOUGLAS Col.
William Byrd DOUGLAS (1815 - 1882)
son of Patrick Hume DOUGLAS Dr.
Beverly 'Poppy' DOUGLAS Dr (1891 - 1975)
son of William Byrd 'Byrd' Sr DOUGLAS
JOSEPHINE Coleman Douglas (1930 - 2013)
daughter of Beverly 'Poppy' DOUGLAS Dr
me Susan Van Deren Helme
You are the daughter of JOSEPHINE Coleman Douglas



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