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I'm wondering what others do in regards to what information they ultimately enter into Legacy. I started out by entering everything, including notes taken during conversations with relatives, etc. It has become cumbersome and cluttered. I am playing with the idea of only putting verified information in there when I obtain original records, but I don't know how that will play out when I get into the earlier years where there aren't as many records or if they are missing. Plus one of the reasons I bought Legacy was for the Research Guidance section. I just don't know if I'm using Legacy to it's full capacity. Any suggestions?

Also, is anyone also keeping trees on I love having the information on there because I can look for hints and keep track of info that I later enter into Legacy. But essentially I'm maintaining two family tree databases. I just wonder if I'm making it harder for myself than it needs to be. That was one thing I definitely miss about FTM -- the connection with 

Any hints or suggestions on what you do would be greatly appreciated!


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One hint to help unclutter any reports is to take non-essential information and enclose it in double square brackets: [[Uncle Jim was a drunk]]. This will not show up in a report unless you specifically want it printed by unchecking [or checking] a box.
I keep a tree at ancestry but don't keep it up to date except to occasionally upload a current gedcom. I like having my data at Ancestry so that it can be found by others that might be related to me.
Thanks Bob! So do you enter every little tidbit into your legacy file? Or just verified information?
The square brackets was new to me too Bob. Thanks. I have been maintaining both Ancestry and Legacy databases for my tree. It is a lot of work but the Ancestry database has been the source of an amazing amount of hints and ideas. I try to enter everything into Legacy and to maintain a standard methodology in that regard. Sticking to a regimen cuts down on the clutter but it still gets a little overwhelming at times. I have found though that every little tidbit can add up to some fairly significant finds in some cases so I hate to leave anything out. You do have to be careful to source everything and note your confidence level though.
Yes, I tend to put in all the tidbits. At some later date those tidbits might help me in my research.
I learned about the double square brackets by going through Report Options. On the Privacy tab, there is a section for 'Override Private Settings'. The fifth item says 'Print [[private]] notes'. You can also read about it in 'Help' under Privacy. I was entering everyone's SSN in the notes section, and I had entered a number of them in the Events section. I found the wife of a deceased cousin and sent her a report in the hope of getting her help filling in some blanks in my tree. She became very upset that I had her late husbands SSN in the report. Even after explaining that it becomes public when we die she still wanted it removed. Now I put all SSNs in double square brackets. They never show up in a report, but I still have them. Legacy's Search was very helpful in finding all the SSN entries so I could remove them from Events and re-enter them in Notes.
Thanks for the great info, Bob! I'm glad there is someone who works with Legacy extensively to offer these great tidbits of info! I have too much ADD, I think! LOL
It's good to know I'm not the only one who uses both Legacy and Ancestry at the same time. I keep my tree at Ancestry and update it as best as possible but do most editing work in Legacy



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