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Paul Rife Schaeffer - born - October 5,1902 in Muncy Twp.,Muncy ,PA

died  December 3,1980 [ My Father ]

His Parents John Rife Schaeffer - born - August 6,1865 in Boyertown,Berks Co.,PA died - September 24,1917 in Muncy,PA

Nora Anne Kerstetter - born - September 7,1872 in Northumberland Co.,PA died

November 29,1961 in Philadelphia,PA and buried in Muncy,PA .Daughter of Martin Luther Kerstetter

and Catherine " Katie " Anne Balliet.

Parents of John Rife Schaeffer were --John Hoch Schaeffer - born - April 30,1824 in Oley Twp.,Berks Co.,PA Elizabeth Deisher Reiff - born -August 12,1827 in Oley Twp.,Berks Co.,PA

Parents of John Hoch Schaeffer  were -John Huck Schaeffer - born - Febuary 22, 1788 in Philadelphia Co.,PA He died in Berks Co.,PA ? Esther Gulin Hoch was born - April 15,1789 in Berks Co.,PA and died September 25,1852 in Berks Co.,PA.

Parents of John Huck Schaeffer were - George Christain Schaeffer - born - 1755 in Hessen,Germany and died - 1823 in Berks Co.,PA  -- Anna Margaretha Huck was born - July 2,1761 in Neieder,Ingelheim,Rheinhesse,Hessen,Germany and died in Berks Co.,PA

Parents of George Christain Schaeffer - were - Georg Christopher Schaeffer was - born - 1739 in

Cunerdorf,Zwickau,Sachsen,Germany and died in Richmond Twp.,PA  wife unknown.

Georg Christopher Schaeffer was the son  of Georg Schaeffer - born - 1718 in Germany and died in 1791 in PA. wife Katherine Reib -born - 1720 in Germany.

Would like to find the wife and dates for the wife of George Christopher Schaeffer and anything on the Reib family

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