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If I could give this cemetery staff a higher rating than A+, I would!


Absolutely the best group of people and the most forward thinking of any cemetery association I have encountered.


Here is their website:


You can get the section and plot info by searching by name or SSN. The databased hasn't been updated since 2007 but if you contact them by email, they will get the info to you. Also, I had emailed them about a family reunion being held and if they could let me know where the gravesite was so we could visit. They emailed me back, stated they had put out a stake with an orange ribbon so it would be easy to find.


Talk about customer service!


If you have anyone buried in this cemetery, you are fortunate indeed!


This cemetery is listed on as well with 2,603 entries so far. (This is not a tiny country cemetery.)


Cemetery & Funeral Home Reviews - Texas

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