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I get an error message when trying to sync the two trees. The message reads: "The last sync failed. An error occurred while "Analyzing changes from Family Tree Maker." You may want to restart FTM and try again later." Restarting FTM and/or shutting down computer don't solve the issue.

My only activity in FTM was to change the case of the surnames of cousins and ancestors by marriage (leaving only direct line in CAPS). I did the change both individually and by using the Find and Replace function when there were a number of surnames.

My Question: is there a way to determine where the error is? The syncing stops at the same spot every time.

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Yes, I did the Compact. I think the problem is with Ancestry, not FTM so hopefully the patch will correct the issue.

I have four trees. I hesitate to work on any of the others for fear the same issue will occur.


Understand that, but have you thought about trying another FTM2014 / AMT, then come back to this one?


Here's my latest effort.

1) I opened the problem tree (let's call it Dtree). I Compacted it and noted that the Online Tree change date was the current date. Sync failed.

2) Closed and reopened FTM2014

3) Opened my Test tree in FTM2014 and in AMT.

4) Added individual to AMT tree

5) Compacted Test tree and synced.

6) FTM Test tree had new individual but said I needed to sync again.

7) Sync successful

8) Opened Dtree and Compacted (compacted 0.0%)

9) Noted that Online Tree change date was still today's date

10) Sync failed. Always stops under the word "Family" in the Analyzing Changes in Family Tree Maker step.

Wonder if I unstall FTM2014 and reinstall, if that would make any difference. It seems to me that the program takes an inordinate amount of time to open and bring up a tree.


Again, there is NO Reply button on your last message.

I would NOT uninstall.

I do not thing compacting to 0% is important, Compacting one time is.

Have you restarted your computer recently?


Hmmm, don't know why there's no Reply button. I'm logged into Genealogywise.

Yes, I've completely shut down the computer and restarted.

I've also done all the things that the memo in Ancestry suggested. I haven't bothered calling Customer Service since I think you're a better resource.


Use the Help, Online Help Center, and the Feedback link, but Let them know. What is posted, worked for me, that one time. Haven't had the problem again, but do know that what I did was repeatable, as another user confirmed that for me.

But please let them know.


Woohoo, finally got the patch for FTM2014. Still didn't fix the problem with my FTM tree.Figuring that there's something in the FTM tree that's corrupted from earlier efforts, I created a new tree from AMT. So far so good.

Russ, I did call the Help line and they were very helpful but couldn't find the problem. I sent in a SyncReport but haven't heard back from them.


What is the Name of your FTM2014 Family File and what is the name of your Ancestry Member Tree?


DenehieCrist Family Tree Oct 2013 for both.

Thank you.

How long ago did you submit your SyncErrorLog?


Monday, Oct. 7 in the morning. The woman in customer service said support is getting a lot of emails so it might take a few days.


Thank you for the update.

Just make sure that you have the FTM2014 Patch.




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