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Iram Murray appears out of no where into Argyle, Washington NY about 1789.  He has sons:  John C (1789-1838);  Daniel (1798-1850); Hawley (1802-1872); a daughter who marries and has a child named Peter Moore; Abigail 1785-1811 who marries Sylvester Hayford;  and the youngest Hiram 1804-1875 of Moreau, NY (Saratoga Co).  Hiram was the rich batchelor uncle who left the family farm to anyone who could make it to the courthouse in Saratoga Springs by April 1875 to claim. 

I have traced out all the descendents of everyone except the Peter Moore.  My dilemma is that Iram just up and disappears in 1814.  I find one Iram up in Adolphustown census returns in Ontario, Canada in that year.  I don't know how to further my research.  Any suggestions?

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He isn't in any land records of the places his children go.   There was no cemetery inscription found for him or his wife Lydia.  He lived in the Kaysaderros patent at the bend of the Hudson River.  I don't find court records or marriages for any children.  His oldest son John goes to Michigan via Seneca and Tompkins County.  He is such a booger to find.  I have been working on this since  1968 and have exhausted records.

Hi Nancy, was there a war where he was located in 1814?  Do we have any Canadians here who could help you?  What part of NY was he located and was it close to the border.  What was his profession?  For example, if he was a trapper, he could have gone under the ice, and not had anyone to watch for him to return home.  Have you researched  the wills, and land records?  I am sure I am repeating what you have already done, but just tossing some ideas off my head.  Good luck in your quest.  I just read further, and found that you have answered most of my questions. 

One frustrating thing about Gen searches for me is that new records are being added daily, so we search, then a month or so search the same databases. 

War of 1812 he is on list of pensioners but find no record of pension, find only the enlistment and record of discharge at ancestry.  Don't know where in Canada to go.  Rest of family was Farmers.  What does "gone under the ice" mean?  Researched all wills and land records in Albany, Washington, Seneca, Warren and Saratoga County as well as early Michigan records.  I will keep on researching, just like the last 50 years.

Thanks again for your reply.  Sometimes it just takes a fresh look and I wish there was someone to ask about Canadian things.


Nancy, my computer crashed and I have not been on here very much.  Sorry.  "Gone under the ice"  is a term used when someone is hunting, fishing on the ice, and the thin ice gives way, and they are swept away under the ice. Have you found any more information on him, or any connections to Canada?



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