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Beware: Uncovering Your Ancestory (sic)

Warning signs and red flags surround all mentions of Uncovering Your Ancestory, aka Genealogy: Uncovering Your Ancestry. The announcement of this ebook on GenealogyWise is disturbing with its superlatives. Naturally, no authorship or credentials are cited. Perhaps it is an attempt at humor; the grammar alone is laughable.

Some of the instant Buyer Beware items include:
= touting “ROYALTY” connections in all CAPS
= using bold only to highlight the IGI – in a copycat ad called “IGA”
= referencing the term “LDS Mormons” as common
= calling the Family History Library “Salt Lake City’s Central Library”
= giving the famed the address of “”
= mentioning the “3,400 FHCs” when there are 4,600; calling them “FCH”
= no listing of a Table of Contents

Note that there are “commissions” for “affiliates” who promote this ebook. And that there are limits due to the sites “prohivite” (sic) bandwidth.

There are many factual errors in addition to the odd grammar which seems to come from a source not in the U.S.A. If you follow links looking for other customer recommendations, you will find similar ads with a few “customers” whose web sites are selling alternative products. But there are numerous “risk free” notes and you’ll get an “instant rebate”, yet you must order quickly because the price will return to $37 after “this marketing test”. Don’t forget to get its “clickbank account” so you can join the scam.

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