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I will certainly not be upset if you decide to NOT do this. It was just a thought I had.


I love cemeteries and photographing them. Not just for the genealogical info but as a way to help someone who is not close by to go to the cemetery themselves.


Over the years I have experienced wonderful, helpful people woking in the cemetery offices and sometimes I have experienced not so helpful people. It would have been nice to know before hand what to expect.


And as someone looking for a family plot for the future burials, I would like to know how my loved ones can expect to be treated after I am gone.  I just read in a forum that there is a cemetery in GA that charges $12 just to look up & photograph a headstone. Because THEY offer this service, they will not allow anyone to photograph headstones in their cemetery!!!


Wonder how many people will decide not to be buried in that cemetery?


Because of these situations, I created the Cemetery and Funeral Home Reviews site. At present it is a sub-site of my genealogy site but one day I hope to have it on it's own domain.





So, if anyone would like to post their experience, I would welcome it as I can't get to all cemeteries, even though I would very much like to.


The rating system is on the home page and the Submit page has a form you just fill out. Very quick and painless. I do not share any info and you can see other reviews to see what was posted. The Texas page has the most since I live in Texas, although there are a few for Florida and 1 for NY.


If this is something you think you would like to be a part of "officially", then fill out the last box of the Review form as I assign a reviewer number and issue you business cards. This is for someone who goes to a cemetery for the purpose of reviewing it as opposed to someone who happened to visit a cemetery and had an interaction with the staff.


Thanks in advance to those who will help.  Be sure to read the home page for more information.



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