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My Dad served in the Army during WWII, I have his discharge papers and they say that he was in the 195th Port Company. I sent for his military file, but they said it was destroyed in a fire.  They did however, send me his medical file.  He was in the Aleutian Islands and after was sent to Hawaii. When I google 195th Port Company, nothing much comes up. How can I find out what his regiment, squadron, etc. is?  

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Hi Mary Beth
Have you found this link
May be worth emailing the address on the above page
Other hits suggest it was a Transport Company

NJO in Cornwall
Hi Nivard,

Yes, I have. They only show one resource for the 195th, so I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay the money, no matter how small it is. My father was a Longshoreman and he got a marksman badge. He said the when they arrived on the island there were no trees and they had to wait for lumber to be delivered from Russia.



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