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The Lifeblood of An Author Are Those All Important Reviews

I've spent well over ten years researching data from the archives of the Ministry of Culture Spain. Countless hours downloading resource documentation, more than three for each individual within the Juan Ponce de Leon immediate family, ancestors, into my computer and into my own family tree. Juan Ponce as it turned out is a cousin of mine because we have the same ancestor, Poncio de Minerva also known as Ponce de Cabrera.

As a backup to the resource documentation I also hunted down the digital copies of original documents that would serve as confirming documentation for the many numerous direct and indirect family connections within the Ponce de Leon family trees.

Many hours, days and months were spent translating and transcribing over a hundred digital copies of original documents into English so that the bilungual reader could read the documents and resource documentation in English as well as in Spanish.

Good genealogy is based upon how many resource documents one has on a certain individual. The more of these a genealogist acquires the more solid the connections become in proving parentage, who an individual's siblings were and if one is lucky who their grandparents were.

The data I found on many family groups surprised me because many documents contained data that only went back four generations within the heraldic records that granted permission to a specific individual into a knightly order.

The real gold mine within the archives of Spain were what are called Peitos, these were family disputes over entitlement, land and specific rights that went with a title that had been granted by a king or queen to an individual.

While researching the Ponce de leon family I lucked out in finding who was legitimate and who was illegitimate and who had been legitimized by a parent. The king usually granted a mercy of legitimization.

What makes my book unique and very different from other books that have been written about the adelantado of Florida and Puerto Rico is the fact that I didn't read any other books, magazines, periodicals that had been written by other authors. If I made a reference to another book it was for the sole purpose of bringing to light specific errors that had been made by previous authors who had quoted researchers and historians. Those aforementioned persons worked hard to provide data within the technological limitations of their day. They often made "educated guesses" to fill in those vacant spaces that were left in an individual's family tree. Other authors quoted from those :educated guesses and passed onto us quite a few errors.

I have been informed by persons who have bought and read my book that some of the new data I have written into the book have created what they called, bombshells.

Well, here are those reviews:

User Review

A very fascinating book. Anyone interested in Ponce de Leon either historically or genealogically will find a treasury of new information. The book requires careful reading but the labor is well rewarded. If your search is genealogic, get this one and get ready for some surprises! While a knowledge of spanish is useful, it is not required.


John: Am fascinated by your book! I, with probably thousands, of people of Puertorrican heritage, am a documented descendent of Jeronimo Ramirez dA, so I was intrigued by p358 which mentions a link to Diego Colon (and, of course, his father). Is there any documentation, or a good web-site, to verify this link (Maria Colon de la Cueva as granddaughter of Diego Colon?


Ruthy Altreche commented on your link:

"Just received the book "Juan Ponce De Leon His New and Revised Genealogy" by John J. Brown Ayes. Didn't realize when I ordered it that it was going to be so big and heavy. Looking forward to reading it John, thank you so much for the help you have given me. :))"


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Collection of Reviews sent to the author via E mails:
1: Bravo John, Keep on keeping on.Hugs,
_______________________________________________________________________________.___2 : Hi John:
What a wonderful accomplishment, congratulations!
I would like to add a link to our website to this link below if it’s OK with you. I would also like Dottie to write an article for our newsletter on this major endeavor that you’ve gone through to write this book.
Let me know if all of this is ok with you,
Lee M. Moniz
Adult Program Coordinator
VSA Florida
3500 E. Fletcher Avenue Suite 234
Tampa, FL 33613
813) 558-5094 phone (813) 975-6596 fax
3: Hey uncle Johnny, Congrats. You have done it. You are a renaissance man. As always I am so proud of you.
4: Dear John, all that hard work!
Congratulations on completing this enormous labor of love, hope to read it soon in print.
Linda (
5:Te FELICITO hermano. Te deseo mucho exito con tu libro .......Brull.
6: From Blog: Its Betsy good job!!!!!!!!!!
On Tuesday May 25th 2010 at 1:
7: Very good John am very intersting in the Sotomayor.. thumbs up!!!!
On Tuesday May 25th 2010 at 1:15am
8: I dropped in from to have a look at your Blog. I find its content very interesting and informative. You cover all types of subjects will great skill.
I especially like your most recent post about how to get your books promoted.
Keep up the good work!
On Saturday May 22nd 2010 at 3:13pm
9: I am interested in the geneaoly of Puerto Rico and the surrounding area of the Caribbean. Does your book have a lot of information on these areas?
On Saturday May 22nd 2010 at 10:44am
10: And yet another book written on the life and times of Ponce de Leon. This one promises to be much better that those others!
On Saturday May 22nd 2010 at 10:42am
New comment on your post “Juan Ponce de Leon His New and Revised Genealogy”
Author : ana (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
Continued success. Love the cover art
12: Hola John, I finally was able to download the book. Thank you very much for your assistance. I was just glancing the book, and it looks great.Sincerely,Jorge.


13: By David Castaner

I found the book to be an adventure. To anyone interested in Ponce de Leon either historically or genealogically this is an important book. You will find a treasury of new information. The book requires patience in reading but the labor is well rewarded. The author gives the reader copies of the support documents. If your search is genealogic, get this one and be prepared for some interesting turns and surprises! While a knowledge of Spanish is useful, it is not required.


Mary-Jorge Maldonado16 June 2010 at 19:21
Subject: My friend
I have read and read the few pages on Google, I just wanted to read the book, now I will buy your book on-line and I will send it to my cousing Irving Morales Sepulveda, (after I finishing reading, haha, as a loan,) he will be so happy.

John its amazing your work, I am so proud of you.


Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you today.
John Browne Ayes

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