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Start Here, Have Fun, You Can Even Do Genealogy On The Run. Susi Pentico All Rights Reserved.

Genealogy is Family History made fun. The learning of the funny stories, sad stories, glad stories

that took place in the past.

Since you will have a little time to think about what you will be doing, I am hoping to give

you some ideas to dwell on before we take to charts and forms.


1.  You do not need to leave your home to start.  Look around your home, remember where various

      objects, pictures and tools came from.


2.  Take the time to write out some of the family stories you heard, whether you know if true or not.


3.  Maybe talk to other family members if they recall any special story or event when younger to share.


4.  Stories do not need to be elaborate but thorough enough you can later use them for researching for

     facts or fiction about them.


5.  Take a Tablet, mark it for Genealogy Items in my Home. Then look at the mantel clock and log

     where it came from.  The picture over the couch, that hung in Grandad's home? The piece of

     jewelry inherited from your Great Aunt, Cousin, Grandmother.  Mark in the Tablet with the item

     and what you recall about its possible origins.  Most people have something from their parents or

     grandparents that they kept as a memento. Record the origins of the items. 


    IE:  Toolbox was Dad Pentico's gave to husband in 1977 from when sold the farm.

            Tools inside: level, pliers, hand drill, drill bits, hammer, screw drivers yellow red handle,

             and lots of string.


6.  Look at your photographs, they will share stories with you. Your close and distant relatives,

      the time period when taken, where taken if known, record this information. Remember  

      working with photographs and other documents to use Acid Free pens and pencils.

      Michael's carries these as does various Photograph & scrapbook groups.


7.  Some of these tips are works in progress. It will take me a lifetime to re catalogue my pictures.

      Recently inheriting more from my parents estate, adds to the fun.


8.  Set back, relax and you do not need to leap out and spend hundreds on programs and documents.


9.  Send letters, emails to relatives asking for information or help, it only takes a line and stamp.

     Send envelope with return address stamped for a reply. 


10. If your into computers the resources are many to connect with others and do not forget to share

      your knowledge with others. I will or others will share this data with you.


   Do not be afraid to ask questions to find the answers. "Leave no rock unturned," is a big

   Genealogical statement.

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