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As we are digging for some critical information to either throw in the towel or move forward I came across some more
cool information.
Knowing the information was there and having to dig up each link was never a problem but the other day I discovered a
better way to get to the information. Some one has put together a fabulous presentation of data on Dauphin County,

O mentioning Dauphin County, they told me some phone numbers have changed so you may have to be re routed or
transferred to another line.

Very pleasant lady at the Historical Society has sent me scouring in a different direction. If lucky may meet her
later this fall.

My hope is if your digging in this area you will check this out.

Blog Talk Radio is talking about [ SLAVE SHIP MANIFESTS at NEW ORLEANS with CLAIRE KLUSKENS
8/30 by Bernice Bennet} This came across my Geneabloggers Group.

Another tidbit I found was: Pinellas County, Florida Civil/Probate Records Retention Center has opened.
It will be a full service Office with parking across the street. It opened 13 August. full article here.

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