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  More Society Tidbits.

 Here is hoping that most of you have found a home to call home in Genealogy for a Society.  Whether it is a National Society or the local one down the road.  Maybe a Historical Society that fills the space for that region would be good also.  Many start as Historical and branch off to become Genealogical.

 A Society can so help you in your research: Surname files, 5 Generation Charts, Pedigree sheets, Family Group Sheets, Compiled Genealogies by the local members in the region your digging.

 These are all things that can help.  They  may even know some of the down line kin of the names your digging.

Having actually met 6 cousins at the  library in Greene Co. PA and one lived 20 miles across town from me here in San Diego, CA.  You just never know what you will learn or whom you may meet. 

 A scrap book was shared, a Bible page shown, a Rev War  Discharge paper laid upon my hand.  I wish I knew where this things were now. For she is now gone from this earth, maybe her niece has them.  

 Having learned that we need to garner more data than we are to retain relationships with distant kin. One should gather their name, address and children's names and addresses for future reference.  To loss the REV WAR Document to me was painful.

 Maybe just maybe the  society has the daughters name or the nieces address.  

 Ask if one does not,  one generally does not receive.

 Have you lost touch with vital information because of a death?  


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