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    Mixed Results and Exciting Ideas.

   Thanks to Kenneth on Facebook and his crazy letter of 5 things not to do to excel in Genealogy, I am going to expound     on his fun.

   Needless to say, as an instructor in Genealogy I have been tempted to make similiar comments to my blog readers. 

   On Facebook they have many areas for various topics and Genealogy, Just Ask. really gets some interesting twists.

   It has been so long since I was a Beginner, almost forget how lost you feel when you are starting out.
   Well do not be lost, It is like a jump in and get wet deal.  The wetter you get the more comfortable you will become.

   There are some really great  Beginners tips put out I am sure daily for us all to refresh our brains.

    Having to say the copying of others trees tickled me. I believe you need to read other trees and communicate with the     people who present the information. Even if wrong we need to find where they got this bogus data, don't we?

    I have a glitch in my Trowbridge Tree and alas those that I thought might help won't even reply. Sometimes                       so many same named people are born with in 10 years of the other names, some only a year or two.

    My first major case involved 5 men of the same name, same region, and ultimately learned all inter related.

    Pulling my ancestor from them took me almost 3 years. Due diligence really and determined to prove Grandad's 

    comments to be correct or near correct.  His family kept a record of some of this very old stuff.  Though he did not 

    have it. He remembered it and I dug until I found the records.  Where did I find the records?

    Well of course census papers, but who is who and all near each other.  Then I went to school records, then I 

     moved to business licenses in state he was from before his present residence. That was a Gold Mine.

     It stated in his hand where born, parents and other very important data mid 1700's.  Then I used with those clues

     Land Records, Probate Records, Wills, Trust Deeds.   Tidbit from family letters that was retained by distant cousins

     and Newspaper clippings.  I found one an Uncle, one a nephew, one a cousin, another another cousin. Yes all                  related.   

       I was able to verify that  some of the families records were not accurate with definite sources.  But we all  

       have to add our two cents.  

      Many times family stories get slightly twisted or tweaked.  Not deliberate but it happens. But flushing it out helps                bring other information to the forefront to work with. More stories are they true, what part is  true or created the story.

      So that was the beginning of a major change in my research methods.  So glad family kept such terrific 

       records even when major ones were missing enough clues in various papers and documents to help slowly move

       research forward. 

      More to follow soon.  Plus going to look for newer computer.  Blessings all. 

      Do not give up, sometimes we need to back up and see what we read and re read it for it's true meaning.

      Yup we  are human.



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