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  A traumatic event happened here recently.  Has it happened in your family?  If so, did it affect how the family 

 responds to events involving family activities.?

  Recently a distant family member went missing, 20 years of age, at college.  We see this all the time any more

 but it was on our doorstep.  Late today we got word from the parents he has been found and is in hospital, more data

 to come.  

   It suddenly triggered my brain, this is what my Grandmother went through when her father went missing. Now I wish 

   I had asked more questions but I did quiz her brother about it one time.  He went with a load of wheat to Seattle 

   from Iowa to make sure it went to Russia to help the people there. He never came home. Did he go to Russia? Did    

   someone murder him for the money he got?  Did he just decide to walk away from family?  

   Then I realized my cousin did this to us about 5 years ago. WHY, his was probably grieve for loss of brother and 

   feeling left out by family.  We were so close, I pray for him every night.  My brother has not heard from him but he 

   is or was executor of his estate so we surmise he is still alive.  I did speak to his only sister the other day.

   It was way to long for us to let time get in the way.  We grew up together playing and sharing about every three 

   weeks of our young lives.

   So look around you, make the extra effort, do not leave them behind if you can help it.

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