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May Grey, June Gloom and July Fry

I was away in May this year, Didn't return home until June, July is Fry.

Yes, Fry/Frye.. Which Fry /  Frye was it?  Abraham, Benjamin or another?

When away in May I played with Grey.. WE found some.

In June no time for the genealogy gloom.  But my discs from Seminar in Michigan have never arrived.

July is the warm and busy month.  Anniversary's, Birthday's, engagement events,  We made 59 years 5 July.

Grandson had his birthday to celebrate also on that day.  22 July we had my birthday and it is the day my Mother in law left  us several years ago also. I have 3 cousins birthdays, 1 sister in laws birthday also.  

As I was sorting boxes I found some Fry/Frye data as did a cousin in PA at the same time. Now to see how we match  up or back up. 

Then our weather kicked in and we have been sweltering almost all month and worse at end of month.

Our Beautiful 50 Shades of Green this year was closer to 40 of green and much more yellows.  They also did work on a hillside and it looks so sad.

Randy Seaver if you take Telegraph Canyon Road east, starting where Medical Center Dr shoots of to the R.

Last year it was gorgeous.  We did not get the rain this year and they grounds people have not worked the area the same either.  But the green stopped before you got to 125 Freeway. I kept trying to get pictures but not a road you can stop on and never had anyone with me to take the shots.  What  beautiful mixtures of green it was.

This year it is more mixtures of yellows and greens.  A different picture. Amazing how the same place can look so different at different times of the year.

O yes our Fry's  were in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania and beyond. Mid 1700's to current.

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