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Logsdon Family notes 
Family lore has it that William Logsdon at about age 50 in approximately 1702 selected a young Irish lass, Honora O'Flynn to be his wife. It is
believed that Honora was kidnapped from Kerry County Ireland and brought
aboard ship against her will to become a wife of an unmarried planter
in Maryland. Later, a footnote in the "The Centenary of Catholicity
in Kentucky" by the Hon. Ben, J. Webb stated: "Neither were the Durbins
nor the Logsdons descended from stock that was known to be Catholic
beyond a couple of generations previous to the appearance in Kentucky
of these families. An ancestor of one of the families intermarried
with one Honora O'Flynn, an Irish girl of great piety and it was through
her, no doubt, that is to be traced the Catholic faith." The records
of St. Paul's Church of England established in baltimore include the marriage
of Ann Logsdon to Samuel Durbin under date of July 4, 1723. Marriages
during these times were required to be performed in the Protestant
Episcopal Church instead of the Catholic Church. An intermarriage between
Ann Durbin and Ralph Logsdon, both grandchildren of William Logsdon
and Honora O'Flynn, they were first cousins, caused the above writing
as intermarriages in the Catholic required approval of the church.

taken from
Logsdon Family Notes

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