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This was written by the late Ms. Lily E. Hardin.

I am searching for information on Smauel Turner Hardin, father of my husband, Samuel Lorenzer Hardin, born December 14, 1910 in Ashley County, Portland, Arkansas.

Samuel Turner Hardin was 35 years old and he married Alice Iva (Ivey) Jones 20 years old on March 6, 1910 in Ashley County, Portland, Arkansas.

He was a railroad employee at the time - also did taxidermy work on the side - I was told.

He had 2 sons, Kevin and Levin Hardin who were 8 years and 6 years of age from previous marriage who visited in spring - I am told they lived in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He was transfered in early summer and was to write wife to come when located. He wrote several letters, but her brothers did not give them to her - He finally got a divorce. The brothers gave her only that letter - I was told by one brother after her death.

My husband died July 2, 1993.

I'm not really sure when she wrote that information down. I did find out that Samuel Turner Hardin had relocated to Texas.

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