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I have been browsing the members section and it seems that pretty much everyone I come across, including myself, has a German country to search or are connected to Germany in some way. I wonder why this is?What are your thoughts on the subject?
Anyhow, let me tell me why I am interested in Germany. My great-great-grandmother, Jalie Caroll was born to a German mother(identity unknown), and a Black father(Mr. Walter Carroll). She then came to the states and met and married my great-grandfather, Mr. Sherman Cooper. This union produced seven kids(6 girls, 1 son): Eva Lee,Opal, Minnie, Myrtle, Lometa, Carroll and Milton. I would like to find any info on my ancestors. I did years ago, ut not much and it still intriques me. I am especially interested in knowing the identity of my great-great German grandmother; as the only 2 living children of this unon are my two great-aunts, and they are well into their 90s and can't remember much

Carroll was my great grandmother, and she named her daughter,my grandmother, Jalie Marion after her grandmother.

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Comment by Karl-Michael SALA on July 24, 2009 at 1:48am
I am very proud to have been the one who told both his maternal (Germany) & paternal (USA) grandmothers--prior to their deaths--precisely who THEIR great-grandparents were! Neither of them knew!

Now they are all very proud of their descendant, Karl-Michael Sala = who has helped hundreds of clients find thousands of data, documents & images on thousands of ancestral family members!

Email me directly your USA, immigration, emigration (usually Hamburg; occasionally Bremen) or Euro-German Genealogy research inquiry. The iniital consultation is complimentary, but only for a limited time.

See & join my GenealogyWise group: The German Genealogist
Comment by Karl-Michael SALA on July 24, 2009 at 1:46am
Since 1979, we've solved hundreds of USA, immigration & European family history myteries for hundreds of clients.

For a complimentary consultation, Email me the full place & dates on the target ancestor Jalie ____ from Germany. She may or may not have had the Ca(r)roll surname at birth. Also Email the data you found years ago.
Comment by Wendy Krzyzanowski on July 23, 2009 at 9:07pm
Thanks for your welcome. You have a very interesting family story!
Comment by CHASTITY on July 13, 2009 at 8:39pm
Thanks Karl! I will do.
Comment by Mary Trogg on July 13, 2009 at 4:49pm
I haven't really done much reading on German history yet, so I am sure others know more than I do. From the little I do know of my ancestors' history, Germany & Prussia were very dangerous places during the 1800s. A lot of political upheaval, war, & revolution. In my case the extended family left in 1855 after the death/murder? of one of the uncles. It's a big country and I think those who came first felt at home with the climate and geography and wrote home about the opportunities. I guess it comes to the same for all of us, Unrest at home, opportunity here.




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