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   Genealogy at Christmas Time

   Genealogy at Christmas Time, "but I am way to busy", is a statement that I frequently hear.

   I can not think of a holiday that is more appropriate to discuss and share Genealogy than this Holiday Season.

   It is like let me count the ways.

   1. You are already exchanging friendly greetings to family and friends.

   2.  Did it ever occur to you that the family friend may be kin?

   3.  People are  more talkative and outgoing during this time of year.

   4.  Genealogical supplies are on sale everywhere.

   5.   Camcorders, Cameras, Computers, Phones, 

   6.   Phone services for specific rate with email included. 

   7.   Many types of dvd devices to share your data with closed in kin.

   8.   Do not forget the home bound or shut in that would love to see your work but can not attend.

   9.    Make sure your write your Christmas letter which gives other  family genealogists a glimpse of your life.

  10.   Journals are seldom used the Letter is  our way of leaving a piece of our world behind. 

   This year I blogged the Advent Calendar and it will be given as a gift. 

    First of the year I started another blog but due to health issues in and around the family I did not complete i,

     but have decided it will be easier to do that topic in the future to have for our descendants.   

     Blessed Christmas and Safe Joyous New Year to one and all.

     from our house to yours.

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Comment by Susi (Susan C Jones) Pentico on January 8, 2012 at 1:31pm

I make paper copies of photos and send to reunions I can not attend and let a cousin be in charge yes we have named a few unnamed. If I was near family older or wiser on family I could do this now but since  mine are all our children anymore they are always asking me.  Where did we do this? When did we take this picture and I thought they would remember. Your thoughts are very right on for research and learning. Thanks for the post.

Comment by RJLTrudel-PLCGS on January 8, 2012 at 8:49am

Family reunions -such as at Xmas- is the best time to bring your photos for unidentified uncles,cousins ,grandparents etc..a look at some of your collection revives memories from all and informs the youngests. This year I received an amount of pictures from a side of the family that I never have seen before and informed them to scan and identifie for all--digitizing is IT today.You always have three or four adding location,date, occasion and details as they look at them, coloring it with  HISTORY. At such events you also find out the new borns' details etc..Always bring your collection and research with you in some format or other. I bring my girlfriend  "PATIENCE" with me all the time.




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