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Facebook and Finding Kin

I have been busy with family and more family and more family. Now is that great or what.  We have had  Iowa Visit.

A daughter visited her home state of Hawaii.  Northern California came to visit family.  Dear friends from Colorado.

O how my husband and and I miss them.  Prayers for their family, their child needs prayers for survival back to normal.

I knew this person since infant.  

 Yesterday I was chatting with a friend and found out they are distant kin with Root, Roote, another the same, then other names were exchanged.  I do not recall linking with them in the 1990's when we worked together. 

  Do you ever wonder if a dear friend that you have been close to for years is not a distant cousin in normal clothing.

That they just may have the clue you need to resolve an issue in your research.

  We gave classes of sharing and knowledge way back then and many of us did link and share information. Facebook with it's thousands of genealogy websites sure opens the door for  many who think it is only a chat box.  There are almost 10,000 sites for genealogy on it according to some.  

 Many are societies we pay for that extend to helping on line. I am sure it boosts their membership by showing how much the care to help others. 

 This might even help some areas to group together and get a group meeting going in their area. Use the local Library or go to a Starbucks  like store to meet if just a few of you.  Getting late to say a park but it is a possible for meeting there.

   It is amazing how much more we gain by sharing our data and offering to help others with a tidbit or two if you have the knowledge.   We all have the knowledge it is amazing what ones thoughts may do to create a resolve for someone else.

    Before I left Facebook last night I had linked with four new people, some I had known a long time.

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