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Every Memory of Your Life Stored Forever – MyLifeBits Project

What would it look like if you had a computer with every single memory stored on it forever? You would be able to access every webpage you’ve ever looked at, every email you’ve read, every photo you’ve taken or been in, videos of your public speeches, records of conversations. Everything that you felt was important or not important stored away for you to review or others to find out about you.

Back in the late 1990′s Gordon Bell decided, like many of us, to start scanning and digitizing some of the various bits of his life that backed up in closets, boxes under beds, and filing cabinets. This morphed, along with the help of Microsoft, into the MyLifeBits Project, a virtual database of his entire life.

Computerworld has a fascinating article posted online where you can learn more about this amazing project as well as Microsoft Research’s own webpageabout this project.

Read the complete article here...>

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