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European Clues for You.

One of our members asked about European Research, since schedule was filled I am placing data here for all to enjoy.

We talked about how to keep focused on finding the missing links.

Methods to use to are: Keep Records of Your Research, Keep a Timeline, (try adding to it weekly), Know the differences each Census presents, Go back and recheck for new data on your sourcing sites, especially, and do not waste steps.

It can be a series of census pages, tax lists, school records, land records, wills, and other official records that need to be scanned over, and data taken in cluster formation.  

You gather the information in masse not singularly. All the Records for surname that your looking for, in the end you will use many and some you may not but it saves time and many time reading them gives you clues and insights into something you had not even thought of.

 Now leap out and look at what is already there for you to read and gather information from.  Just do not forget to share your data back and help someone else fill in their gaps.

World Gen Web Project this link shows all the countries involved.

Country Index


It also shows which Region you should be looking in for that almost forgotten country, you can not find data on.

Middle East Countries

Very interesting site for Middle East countries. Yes it is in English.


This covers Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaraqua, and Panama.

Remember covers the America's.

East Europe Genealogy Web

Covers 20 countries. Check it out.

There seems to be a malfunction with Central Europe Link. I was on it yesterday briefly in the morning.

 It is run by W. David Samuelson of SLC, Utah area.  

 Thinking little is missing between all the various sites.  Will try to get word to Mr. Samuelson about the 

 CentralEuropean link. Or if you know how to reach him directly please let him know. Trusting he is well.

 Never forget to research an internet archives.

WorldGenWeb Archives


Lists  of the Regional Websites


Caribbean, Oceania, South America, North American, Middle East, Ireland and U K, East  Europe, Asia, Africa  are all posted here.


It pays to take time to read some of the data besides what your going directly for.

Lastly,  give this site a chance to assist you.  should be on your list,

It will take a while to digest all that is on her list, She has been doing this for more than  17 years.

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