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I am looking for information on my grandmother-in-law Mahala Maude Bolter born 1875 to Charles Bolter and Mary Jane Ingram.  She attended Berlin to study music and married Seebaum while there and returned to England before coming to Canada.  Any info would be appreciated.

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Fiona thank you.  Does your family have any info on the Mahala Maude Bolter I am following?  She studied and taught music in Berlin, married there and had one child before she and her husband Henry Seebaum came back to England.  The only info I can find on them from 1899 through to 1907 was birth and death registrations of two children in London, England and then they next appear in Canada.  I do not find any census or voters lists with them on it nor any other info of them being in England during the time slot they appear to have been there.  Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Perileen. Do you know anything about where Mahala Bolter was born/lived in Wiltshire? I haven't done anything on this surname yet, although I do have a Caroline Bolter in my family tree, my great great grandmother. Your ancestor's forename is unusual in England so I will see if I can find them. Do you know when/where they married and when they arrived in Canada? Fiona 

I posted to you some information about Mahala in the 1891 census for Little Cheverell. I have now found her father on the 1841 census for Little Cheverell. He is with his parents and siblings and had a sister called Mahala.

I have found my gg grandmother, Caroline Bolter on the same census, along with alot of other Bolter families, so our relatives were living and working together in Little Cheverell in 1800s. This is cool. FIONA

It would be interesting to know the relationship for sure.  I am still having a problem with my computer but I will try to access my Cox Family Tree on Ancestry and forward some info for you.  So far my attempts have been unsuccessful possibly because I am no longer a member.  However others are able to access it as it is a public tree.

My computer is acting up so although I can read I am having a problem replying.  Many thanks for the info you have shared.  I have much of the family history on my tree in Ancestry called THE COX FAMILY TREE owned by PERRICO1 if you would like to see it - it is public and is SUPPOSE to be open to everyone but I have not been able to access even my own family tree but others have.  I hope you can find it.  We are particularly looking for information in England - probably London - during the years 1898 - 1908.  I have only found the birth and death certificates of two children of Mahala and her husband Henry Seebaum.  There should be records of him coming to England from Germany where they married and had one child Maud(e) and possibly there was a census but I cannot find any other records except for two of their children who birthed and died in London.

I hope this will post.





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