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I know of, at least two of my ARNEY ancestors, from Tennessee, that fought during the American Civil War, for the CSA, William Ervin ARNEY and A.C. ARNEY.


William Ervin ARNEY (1841-1887)


Plus any other ARNEY's from Tennessee


Also, of Joshua Wincester "Dock" GARRETT, he also fought for the CSA, and is also an ancestor.

There is a very interesting story about Joshua, pre-Civil War run in, with Union Soldiers.

He was part Cherokee Indian, the Union Soldiers came and asked him to sign something (not sure what, still looking into it), he refused, so instead of shooting him (he was an Indian and not worth wasting a bullet) they hung him.  Well, another Indian saw what had happened and after the soldiers left, cut Joshua down, and to revive him, kicked him in the chest, so yes he survived the hanging.

Needless to say, you can see why he served for the CSA during the Civil War.


I'm especially looking for any military record, documents, etc.


I know that during this era, photographs were taken of many men, so if a photograph exists of either of these men (especially William Ervin ARNEY), I'm seeking a copy of it.


Also, of pensions, for William Ervin ARNEY, it would be a "widow's pension"


I don't know that much about A.C. ARNEY, but he was a brother of William Ervin ARNEY, so any documentation or information, would be extremely helpful.


I seek, what I term DTP (Definitive Tangible Proof), which can be, but is not limited to, birth/baptism records, church records, marriage records, land deals (purchases/sales), death records/certificates, grave markers, tax rolls, probate records, military records, Wills, etc.


Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

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