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Thank's so much Lori . this gives me some info to research. I have found 10 burkes on the cherokee role .My grandmother Dora Burke had a brother Charlie Burke who was married to nannie Burke moved from NC to Ohio . Nannie Burke is listed on the cherokee roll . will take a trip to the rez to find some more information , need dates and siblings , which is not listed in general info. there are 2 rolls . Thanks Again,
Linda, have you looked at any of the other census records? The LDS site has the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 & 1920 Now that you have another generation of names you might find something else new. The LDS site and their Pilot site is free and depending on where you live you might be able to use HeritageQuest for free from home with your library card. I live in Ohio and can use it with my Cincinnati library card. Also if you live in Ohio you can get a Columbus library card for free and use HQ that way also. closed in 2006 when the coordinator of the site retired. Since was never an official GenWeb site Scioto OHGenWew was reestablished here:
Thanks, I am not so good about keeping up with some of these. It is always great to have live links to check out!
Lori Deeble Chaffin,

Scioto County Information | Genealogy | Genealogy Search | Family History | Genealogy Research‏
Started by Lori Deible Chaffin

Please update info on this page: under SouthWest Ohio Discussions

The link is bad. closed in 2006.

The site that replaced can be found here:
Joan I have removed the link as well as the the link for the Asche family info. As you have said both are dead links
Thank you,
Ohio River Directory, Wiggins & Weaver, 1871-2
- includes Portsmouth, Scioto County
- table of contents is on page 15

Scioto Co Springfield News-Sun Deaths and Obituary page
Not sure about their archives or how it works but it might be worth a look around in here.
Thanks so much for both a quick reply and for updating the link!




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