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With only a week to the New Year what do you hope to achieve with your Scottish research in the next 12 months ? Are you visiting Scotland and the home of your ancestors or do you hope to break down a research brick wall ? Would be great to hear your comments.   

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I would like to learn more about the family of my 3rd-great-grandfather John Bennet Winters, who was born in Leith, Scotland in 1831. He had immigrated to the United States by 1859. I'm not sure when he left Scotland or if any members of his family came with him. His parents, Hugh Winters and Mary Bennet, were both born in Ireland. I haven't been able to find them in the 1851 census.

Hi Beth

Thanks for the enquiry regarding your Winters ancestors. I live in Edinburgh not far from Leith and know the area. Where did you obtain the date of birth for John B Winters? Is it from an official entry,family bible or calculated from his age at date of death?



Hi Chris,

I originally found his date of birth in a Family Bible, but I later found a record of his baptism which also gave his birthdate. There was a slight difference and he turned out to have been born a year earlier than I had originally thought.




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