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I suspect that  a couple of my family branches ended up in,North Carolina, and Kentucky.  McNay and Young,  Jamieson and Paterson (MYJP).  My Branches are from the Ballywalter area of County Down, Northern Ireland. They had slipped back across the Irish Sea to spend a few years  in and around Ayrshire and Glasgow Scotland. It appears they were weavers. My Canadian Branch  McNay, didn't arrive here in Canada until the late 1800's. My own Father (Bob McNay)who was born in Scotland didn't arrive here in Canada until 1914  (British Home Child - Quarriers of Scotland) I Joined this group thinking that I may be able further my research into my MYJP family grouping in Ireland  through interacting with my possible family branches in Kentucky and North Carolina.

All and any suggestions on these surnames and their life in Ireland  and the USA will be most helpful. 



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I never knew exactly what Scotch-Irish truly meant until yesterday.

My Great Grand parents family's came from County Monaghan (Logan family) and took their family to Ontario Canada.

I'm trying to find out more on the Hart and Cassidy side of our family since we know the least about them. 

What we do know is that a Richard Logan arrived in Ontario and had a land grant to farm in the early 1800's.

My Great Great Grandfather James Hart Married Jane Logan and their son Richard married Lucinda Cassidy on

October 31st 1872. 

My name is Jeanne Stanners Petersen and my Grand parents Joseph braid Stanners and Edith Pearl Hart moved to California just before the birth of my father. If anything I understand that some Scots were given Irish land around the early 1600's.   

I appreciate any of the previous information we have seen from others on this board. 




I also have Scotch-Irish ancestors. They came primarily from Ballymoney (Antrim or Derry). The surnames I'm researching are Torrence (or Torrens), Hood, Plunkett, and Sterrett (or Sterrit).


I just ordered a book from Amazon, "Irish Emigration and Canadian Settlement" by Cecil Houston. I have no idea whether it is any good.


Does anyone have any recommendations for other books on Irish emigration to Canada?


Anyone else doing research on Torrence, Hood, Plunkett, or Sterrett?



Chris Torrence



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