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My vision for creating this group was to provide a place for those of us doing research in Oklahoma & Indian Territory to be able to ask research questions, get assistance from others, and create a list of resources that would be useful for everyone.

Please post your thoughts on the subject.


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Sue- This group certainly fills a need for this area of research. I'm trying to learn more about Kay and Dewey Counties, the history and such. Only then will I know what kind of records may have have generated that might include the people I am researching. Only then will I know what brought them out to Oklahoma to begin with, to leave established farms and homes for the wild Indian territory. There are a few websites that deal with Oklahoma history in general but have yet to find any in depth on Kay and Dewey counties.
Sue, I like your vision. for this group. There are very few sources for information on Indian Territory. In trying to trace my Great Grandfather who brought his family into Indian Territory in 1880, the pickens are slim. I will admit I still have a lot of the Dawes films at the history center to go through.
Charles, Thanks for posting! You are right about the slim pickens too! lol I will be at the OK History Center Friday and Saturday to tackle the land tract books and indexes and maybe a couple of other things if I have time.
Sue looking forward to your talk Saturday at the history center. The one in July for researching Indian Territory was great. With your help maybe I can get all my documents ordered so I can find them in less than a month lol.

Charles...did I meet you at the History Center???
I have an assortment of photos, books, and related information from roughly the mid 1800's extending to today over the Oklahoma/IT area. Mostly the information is related to what's now the OKC area, central to southeast Oklahoma, and the main family lines involved are Morgan, Long, Chubbee, McClure. I would suggest folks wanting to research native american lines in the area to check the website for the National Archives Southwest Region, This archive has the actual enrollment packets for at the Dawes roll.



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