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Hello Everyone,

I live in Australia and have looked at all the sites that I can for the answers to my 2 queries, but so far I am not having any luck. 

I was given this information, only being told that it was from the Family Bible.

Can someone please tell me where to look, or could they look for me for this information:

Harry Hancock died at sea on the 7 November 1815 on board The Thomas on his   way to Halifax from England.    I don't know if the ship went down or if Harry Hancock was the only person to die.   Would they have been buried at sea or would they bring the body to Halifax to bury.

Sidney Hancock (don't know where he was living at the time of his death).    He died in January 1838 and was buried on the 23 January 1838 in Horton Churchyard, Kings County.

Hope someone can answer these queries for me.


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