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All of the names on my maternal side of my family tree come from the Sault Ste Marie, MI and Sault Ste Marie, Garden River, and Mississauga, On, Canada area.  They are all anishinaabeg names; I'm looking for a web site that will help with translation of personal names.  The names I have are from about 1835  to 1895.  I used to have a site but lost it due to a computer hard drive crash.  There are sites that translate state place names but not family/personal names.  Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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Baraga's Dictionary is available for free on google books as a download. Note there is dialectic differences and there are at least three dictionaries that I know of.  Never saw the webpage but I think there are a couple of pages dealing with the language (not just translating names).



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