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There are so many good search engines out there, and some seem to be better than others for genealogical research. Google does a pretty good job of finding appropriate results, but I also like Clusty because of the ability to sort the results by type (marriage, vital, biography, etc), and also by what kind of sites they are (.org, .gov, .us, .net, etc). What other search engines have you found that give good appropriate results for your genealogy searches?

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Call me biased, but I like the search engine I created and launched in October 2008: Live Roots ( because it's search is focused on genealogical resources (offline as well). In addition, it offers real-time searches of all the major genealogy database sites, so you can do all your research in one place.
So today I went to for the first time. I found a few things that I have not seen before on my family. Looks like I will be subscribing to this in the near future as well. Thanks for the site Illya.
Biased? nah! Nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion, especially when you DO have a really great site! I just ran a surname search (on on a family surname that normally tends to defy any decent genealogy results, and came up with a whole list of really promising results - I especially like that it pulls in a lot of online books, some of my favorite resources. I'm definitely going to add that to my basic search list, and my toolbar! Thanks for the reminder.
While I often see the Google search engine mentioned, I rarely see the Google Books search engine on lists of valuable genealogy resources. And it should be there. By narrowing your search to Google Books -- especially when looking for early New England ancestors -- you can in some cases find full family genealogies, cemetery transcriptions and more.

See my post today on Google for Genealogy at the new GenealogyWise group Finding Family for Free. The group is linked to my blog Relative Musings.

Appreciate the ideas on search engines Clusty and LiveRoots!
I found awhile back and it's a great site, I've used the genealogy search page quite often and it's come up with results I haven't gotten anywhere else (some lead to pay sites, others are free). The only thing I just noticed is it only works with Internet Explorer right now, which I was using but now use Firefox the most. Maybe it might help someone else find info they have yet to find though.
Try the research page search engine.

You can also put a family tree there as well. It has quite a few different segments to use. GOOD LUCK!
I am a google addict and starting using it when it first hit the internet. Will have to check out Clusty as it sounds good.
I use Copernic Agent. You can read my review at ShoeString Genealogy.

Happy Dae·
I'll second Google Books...
and I'll go look at Live Roots and Clutsy. pulls in searches from many other search engines...

Also, check your local library... many have on-line access to other major databases for free,
just by using your library card number for access.
I'm always looking for more ways to find books online to avoid having to hunt them down in some obscure library, or rent microfilm from the FHC. My favorites for books are (of course) Google Books, and HeritageQuest (usually available through your local public library's website), and Internet Archive. And since joining Genealogy Wise I've gotten to know and love Live Roots - a surname or keyword search there will bring up all sorts of online sources for books, among other things. Another place to search for copyright-free published material online (books, photographs, etc) is, and yet another very similar that searches for texts online is Digital Book Index.

I love using books - histories, genealogies, etc, - to find stories about people I'm researching... putting "meat on the bones" so to speak. There's nothing better to bring someone to life than a good story.

Are there others that you like for finding books?
I love finding books as well, and for ages Internet archive was my first port of call. Check out for the next step for internet archive. They are associated with, and reference every book in, internet archive, and in addition, if you go to advanced search, at the very bottom of the page, there is an option too search the text within any scanned book.

The LDS also have a large online collection that is searchable by text at

Wow, thanks so much, Illya, for!

I am a paid subscriber to, so a great deal of my searching goes on in there. I also use Google Books search very often, especially when I was researching the Brandon family of Adams County, Mississippi.





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