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Looking for information on the WOODING family, who lived in Black, Posey County, in the 1850s and 60s. My particualr family was headed by Ezra WOODING(b.1797) and Ann DAYTON WOODING(b.1804), from NJ originally. They seemed to have followed her brother, Jesse DAYTON(b.1810 NJ) to the county. According to the 1850 census for that area, my WOODINGs consisted of their children, Uriah(b.1827 NJ) Benjamin(b1829NJ) Sarah(b1837NJ) and Jesse(b1846NJ). Their adult son, Isaac WOODING(b1822NJ) his wife Hannah(b1822NJ) and their children, Ezra(b.1844 NJ) Richard(b1846NJ) and Ann E.(b1848NJ) lived nearby. Somewhere in the interim years, son William W.(b.1823NJ) came to Posey and married Martha McFadin Oct 20, 1853 in Posey. He did not stay married to her, and I know nothing of this woman, except she shares the last name of one of the founding families of Posey. (By 1858 William is marrying my great-great-grandmother Nancy Ellen EDWARDS in Missouri, and by 1860, they are settled in Kansas, having my great-grandmother.) His parents, Ezra and Ann, sister Sarah and brother Jesse seem to drop off all records after 1850. (William, Uriah, and Benjamin all serve for the union during the civil war. Ben seems to move to Pennsylvania after; Uriah loses his life in the war, and William's family is raising Uriah's children as well as his own. )

However, back to Posey: Isaac WOODING's family has moved to Point, Posey, NJ, by 1860 census, and expanded to include Daniel, Hester, Isaac, and Andrew. Then I lose track of them, but there is an Ezra WOODING who founght for the union during the civil war who seems to be THIS one, since he only enlists at the end, and by then THIS Ezra would have been an adult. Then on Feb 15, 1868, according to "Incidents-tragical and otherwise," on, an Ezra WOODING was shot and cut to death by a John Redman, who had gone to 'the house of WOODING' to arrest him for tarring and feathering a negro. THIS WOODING family also disappears after this account. Perhaps they left the county?

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