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My name is Francisco Santiago-Flores from Cayey, Puerto Rico. That is a town in the central highlands of the island. My parents, myself and my siblings are are from there except my youngest sister.

From my father's side:

R1b1b2a1b (L-21)

My oldest is Dona Maria Gregoria Aponte de Santiago born around 1859 and lived in Lapas, part of Salinas, P.R..

Then Don Pedro Santiago y Vega, born around 1870?

From my mother's:


Don Ventura Flores Tellez born 1875?

Dona Maria Veguilla Colon de Flores born 1883? Her mom was D. Aurora Colon de Veguilla and her father  Don Herman Colon Veguillla

My grandfather Ventura Flores Telles died sometime between 1910 & 1929 in Cayey, P.R.. that is all I know about him.

I have not had the opportunity to really go back beyond what I just wrote. I have seen the map of migrations for both of my  parents and I see where the lines for father stop in Ireland, England,etc

From my mom we start in North Africa and then Spain (I think).

The lineage is confusing to me. So I need a little help with both sides of my family


Frank Santiago

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Hello Francisco, my name is Cecilia Hutchings, my parents were from Cuba, my maiden name is Cecilia Garcia. My mtDNA is a close match to Aurora Colon de Veguilla. I'm sorry I can't help with your question but just wanted to let you know the match is very close. What do you think? Pretty close but I have no documentation to make the connection how we can be related. My mother's name was Clara Aurora Brezo Rodriguez born in Santo Domigo, Las Villas, Cuba, her mother was Cecilia Rodriguez Domenech, also born in Cuba I believe.  Best regards, Cecilia

Here's mine:

HVR1: 16126C, 16187T, 16189C, 16223T, 16264T, 16278T, 16293G, 16311C, 16519C

HVR2: 73G, 152C, 182T, 185T, 189G, 195C, 247A, 263G, 315.1C, 357G, 522-, 523-

Aurora Colon de Veguilla:

HVR1: 16126C, 16187T, 16189C, 16223T, 16264T, 16270T, 16278T, 16293G, 16311C, 16519C

HVR2: 73G, 152C, 182T, 185T, 195C, 228A, 247A, 263G, 315.1C, 357G, 522-, 523-



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