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Haplogroup R1b from the Genographic Project
Haplogroup R1b tutorial from Genebase
Haplogroup R1b on Wikipedia
Y-DNA haplogroup R and its subclades from the ISOGG haplotree
Haplogroup R1b: FTDNA versus ISOGG nomenclature
Y-search public DNA database Upload your results and see if you have any matches.
The Journey of Mankind: The Peopling of the World An interactive map from the Bradshaw foundation in collaboration with Stephen Oppenheimer

R1b projects
The R1b and subclades project
The Jewish R1b project
The Irish type R1b cluster from Clare, Limerick and Tipperary

There are also a number of projects at Family Tree DNA for the various subclades of R1b1b2 such as R1b-U106, R1b-U152, R1b-U198, and R-M222. These projects can only joined by people who have undergone the appropriate deep clade tests at FTDNA to determine which subclade they belong to.

If you know of any other useful links or resources do let us know!

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