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I need some help in finding information about an illusive German ancestor of mine. His name was Henry Luthso and was born in Mecklenburg,Germany between 1826 and 1828. I know that he immigrated to the united states before 1858 and married Genevieva Geschwinder sometime before then because their son was born in February of 1859 in Buffalo, NY. He enlisted in the civil war twice and was injured several times. After that he just disappears. Ive never been able to find what happened to him after the civil war. I suspect he survived and just left his family, but ive seen city directories of his wife listed as a widow in the early 1870's so Im not sure. 

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Have you written to get his Compiled Military Service file or checked to see if his wife/children received a pension for his service? Those should give you a clue as to his injuries and if he died in service.

No I have not. I do know that when he was injured the second time he applied for money to be given to his wife and children and that it was granted but Ive never been able to find pension records for him.  How would I go about getting his compiled military service file?

There are some records on Fold3 that have been digitized. All the widows' pension files should be available if you write to the National Archives where all the records are stored. It is possible, also, to hire a researcher to pull the records and scan them for you. That is usually quicker, but more expensive.

I checked fold3 but didn't see anything besides his military records. I don't think Genevieve put in one  because I'm not completely sure they were legally married. Think I'll check with the national archives.



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