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You've just spent the last hour composing a discussion, finally ready to show your work to the world, you click Add Discussion. Your freshly authored master piece loads and as you glace at it you notice glaring spelling error. Some of you might not care, but I've seen people click the Delete Discussion link in a hasty moment of shame; only to realize seconds later that an hour's worth of work has been lost to the electronic-nether-realm.

For any discussion that you have authored, you should have an admin options panel on the right-hand side, probably looks something like this:

Click that Edit Discussion link. Make the necessary changes. Then click the Save button.

The same thing can be done if you receive some updated information (especially on a site like GW where you might come across some new information). Just click Edit Discussion, make the changes, and Save.

If you are taking out significant information, the polite thing to do is to use the strikeout formatting option. Its especially important if other people have replied to the jokes about your mother that information you are removing.

There are times when a new discussion is appropriate, but many many times an edit will suffice.

If you want the edit to be noticed, then make the edit; once completed simply reply to the discussion with a comment like "Discussion updated, please see above."


I am not a Ning expert. I'm a tech-head who has worked in IT for over 10 years; and I have some experience on another Ning network. This is not an official statement from the GW staff; just some friendly tips for my fellow GW users. Feel free to message me if you have questions, comments, or suggestions for other topics. ~Johnny

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